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5 Profitable Short-Term Forex Trading Strategy For You

by Didimax Team

In the world of forex trading, many strategies can be used to achieve the goal of making a profit, one of which is the short-term forex strategy. It allows one to profit more quickly, even in a relatively short time. 
Precisely in a matter of hours and minutes. So that you can get profit in a relatively short time because not everyone can wait a lot of time to be able to get profit.

5 Short-Term Forex Strategy

Although there are many options that you can get, making sure to get the best reference is a must be your stepping stone. It is right that you choose to read this article because we will provide a complete discussion about it so that you will be more successful in trading.
More precisely, 5 short-term forex strategies can be learned to make it easy to get profits in a short time, start learning and practicing.
1. Scalping
This first option may be familiar to old players, is a movement that requires opening and closing positions in a very short time. It can be minutes or even seconds, the goal is to make a profit in these small price movements. 
So there is a great opportunity to make a profit from it. Usually, the user is someone with limited capital by utilizing market momentum using technical observations to get accurate transaction signals.
2. One Day
Next, one day is a more reliable option to make a bigger profit than the previous scalping. Because the timeframe is longer. It is an option that is often also used by traders in getting big profits from the world's best forex broker, do you want to try using it too?
It's easy, you only need to open and close within a day, precisely on stable pairs. By placing positions when the market is open. However, to be successful in using it, you are required to have a better understanding of technical analysis and fundamentals, plus emotional control.
3. News Trading 
It's not without reason if you fall for this short-term forex strategy. Because news trading is a way that is done by utilizing important economic news releases. 
Of course, the user will focus more on finding opportunities at the time of news releases that are considered important, such as central bank interest rate decisions or other important economic data. 
Of course, for maximum use, traders can use a more thorough fundamental analysis to get a picture. An overview of prediction according to how the news will affect the market and finally place a position at the right time.
4. Breakout 
Meanwhile, if you're good at identifying support and resistance levels, breakouts are a great option to choose. This is because a breakout is done by placing a position when the price breaks through a significant support or resistance level. 
This short-term forex strategy can provide very profitable results. If traders can identify support and resistance levels accurately.
Plus you must also have a maximum understanding of technical analysis and be able to manage risk management well, the point is that everything must be right.
5. Swing 
Finally, there is a swing which is done by placing trading positions when prices are in a significant upward or downward trend. The purpose of this is that it can provide very profitable results if the trader can identify the trend accurately.
As well as being able to place transaction positions at the right time. So traders who use swing usually will open positions for several days to several weeks. It is important to remember that each option has its advantages and disadvantages. 
Traders should choose a strategy that suits their trading style and goals. In implementing a short-term forex strategy, traders must be able to control emotions and risks so that everything can go as expected.
Armed with powerful weapons in short-term trading, anyone will find it easy to get absolute profit from every transaction. Especially by registering with Didimax Forex broker, because we are a broker with the best service in Indonesia and even the world.
Able to offer many interesting features that can help the trader's short-term transaction process, so that the profit obtained is no joke. Therefore, while there are still many opportunities. Immediately register to apply the short-term forex strategy that you have chosen.



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