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Easy to Read forex charts for Technical Analysis

by Didimax Team

In the world of forex, technical analysis is one of the popular methods for analyzing price movements, so it is important to read forex charts. The analysis can help traders to determine trends, support and resistance, and market momentum. 
To decide the decision more precisely. So, if you are desperate to buy and sell without the ability to read charts. Don't expect to live long in this modern financial world.

How to Read Forex Charts Easily and Precisely

No need to worry about how to do it, you are already in the right article. Because we will share how to quickly read it. Starting from understanding the type of chart, using the right technical indicators, using the right timeframe, and determining the best support and resistance, this is the explanation.
1. Understanding Chart Types
They come in different types, but the most commonly used are line, bar, and candlestick options, so it's best to get a quick understanding of them to read forex charts better.
2. Line 
It displays the closing price over a period using a straight line as the name suggests. It seems simple but the usage is quite complicated.
3. Bar 
Bars display the opening prices, and closing prices, as well as the range of prices movement over a period using vertical bars or the opposite of lines. 
4. Candlestick
Meanwhile, candlesticks are also able to display the opening price, closing price, and price movement range in a period. But by using candlesticks that have a body and shadow, making it is easier to be read by traders at best forex brokers.
5. Using Technical Indicators 
Next, try to use technical indicators such as moving averages, RSI, and MACD. These can help traders in conducting technical analysis. These indicators provide additional information about price movements and can help traders make the best decisions.
6. Using the Right Timeframe 
The timeframe chosen is also very important in technical analysis. Because this is the selection of time to make the process of read forex charts more precise. Smaller timeframes such as 1 minute or 5 minutes can provide more detailed information. 
Regarding price movements of course, but also more sensitive to market noise. Meanwhile, larger timeframes such as daily or weekly. Can provide a clearer picture of the market trend more thoroughly and in detail.
7. Determining Support and Resistance 
Finally, there are support and resistance, which are important levels that are often used in technical analysis. Support is the price level at which market demand is great enough to prevent the price from falling further. Meanwhile, resistance is the price level at which the market supply is large enough to make the price tend to rise even further. 
All of these guidelines will help to make your analysis more precise but don't forget to always apply everything you learn on a demo account. To make all processes can run properly without fear of losing real money and of course safe you can use.

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