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Smart Trading without Loss Strategies from Marcelino Livian

by Didimax Team

In this world, there are maybe less traders who can claim trading without loss. It is because usually the traders will experience some losses during their activities. 
However, Marcelino Livian dare to claim that. This successfull trader is successfully becoming one of the world-class player and get 80% profits within four years. 
Marcelino Livian started his career in the 90s, a decade before online trading became rampant. Reportedly, he was so focused on his trading activities that even during meals, the topic of forex became the subject of conversation with his family.
For even his son's birthday gift, he gave Microsoft shares. To his children, he taught to "let money work for us". That, he said, would be better than just letting the money be stored in the bank.

Trading Without Loss Tips

From his figure, you can learn many aspects needed to be successfull in the future. Here are some tips from Livian if you want to do your trading without loss effectively.
1. Own Enough Capital 
In addition to business people, Livian is also an entrepreneur. He treats trading as a business, and does not want his business to go out of it. Therefore, he prepares enough capital to trade. 
So, having enough capital is the main requirement in the style of Marcelino Livian. Most traders usually choose to leave the floating loss alone, but rush to close the position when in a floating profit condition. 
As a result, when a loss occurs, the trading account is often forfeited. On the contrary, Livian was able to withstand market turmoil for one year with strong capital provisions. 
That way, he can always close the position in a profit condition. He said that it is an effective trading without loss tip that everyone should try. 
2. Buy at a low price and sell at a high price 
From the previous description it can be seen that Livian is a long-term trader. However, the most important key to his strategy is its ability to find the history of the lowest and highest levels on large timeframes (D1 or W1).
That is as well as open positions gradually until he feels that he has enough (averaging strategy). Livian stepped cautiously in relation to it.
However, it could turn aggressive if it finds a good moment to get into the market. This trading without loss tip is not difficult to follow, right? 
3. Don't Be Greedy, Set a Profit Target
Being greedy Is one of the basic human traits that is difficult to control. However, if you position trading as a business and source of livelihood, then surely you will work harder to avoid bankruptcy.
He shared one more trading without loss tip. About this, Livian revealed that he always aims for a profit target of 20% of the capital, with the least risk. 
He is not gambling, nor playing a lottery. He came to Forex to do business and make money. That 20% figure may sound low. But if you look again at the first lesson, then of the benefits are huge. 

What to Conclude

From Marcelino Livian people can conclude that "trading should be seen as a business where money 'works' for us, rather than letting it sit in the bank.
In addition, it is important to note that the strength of capital is important in investing. Many businesses, both forex and other businesses. Also get rid of the assumption that if you trade, one day you will definitely lose.
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