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What Happens in the US, and Its Impact to The Investors

by Didimax Team

For you who are an investor or even a member of the Forex trading world or others, you will be really busy this week, that doesn't happen without reason. There are several things that may be a concern in this trading world, such as the interest rate decision of Federal Reserve, the report of US work, and then US-China Trading issue.

These three things are going to affect the dynamic of the trading world because it has a strong influence on the international economic condition. But we couldn't assume what's going to happen because of those issues. Whether it's bad or good for the investor itself. But for knowing more, just read the article below.



What's Actually Happening In This Week?

As it's told before that the decision made by the Federal Reverse is one of the issues which becomes a concern this week. It's predicted that The Fed is going to keep the interest rate for the rest of this year. They actually had the expectation to delay the growth of US economic condition. It happened because of a reason.

The US economic growth had increased faster in the first quartal. Based on the Nonfarm Payrolls report, the economy was expecting the profit from 181,000 jobs, meanwhile, the unemployees were predicted to stay stable in 3.8%. Not only the great number of jobs which could trigger the expectation but also other factors such as the US personal cost, and consumer trust.

Another factor that ay affected the dynamic of US economic growth is the trading discussion between US and China. As we know that the trading negotiation of these countries actually brought a big effect not only for both countries but also for the countries all around the world. No wonder that this could be a great factor.

The US-China Trading Negotiation Effect

The negotiation trading between US and China is actually a big deal. It could really bring impact to other countries' economic growth also the currencies. This week, the US and China is going to do another meeting in order to talk about trading. The investor may be really worried what's the result of the meeting itself.

The investor keeps asking and expecting that maybe someday, the US and China were going to end the trading war. If it happens, then it will save the economic condition in many countries in the world. And also, it will definitely stabilize the dynamic of the economic. It has been 10 months after both of the countries started the war.

The US is one of the strongest countries in the world. It was in the front line over anything. Technology, economic, infrastructure, and many other things. So does China, which is the strongest country in Asia in economic condition. That's why if both of them end the trading way, it will bring many benefits for the investors and traders.

The US is in a Bad and Good Situation

We could say that the US has really ups and downs in its economic growth. It impacted its own currency. In this week, the US Dollar was going weaker, but then it turns to be stronger the next day. This is a difficult moment to say. Not bad, and not good. The US has many positive things in its economic.

The US senior economy in Capital Economics, Michael Pearce said that the increase of US GDP in the first quartal, the increase of goods order in March, and also the S&P 500 which achieved the highest record are the positive things the US can achieve. Its economic growth on the last few days is also a kind of positive thing.



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